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Cleaning hacks are designed to rescue you from the frustration of spending most of your precious time cleaning your house. As you will see in some of the cleaning hacks we will highlight as we proceed, cleaning your house no longer has to be annoying or time-consuming.

Using Lemon to clean faucets - Cleaning Hacks - Private Property Nigeria

1. Use Lemon to Clean Faucets

Did you know that lemon can help you get rid of stubborn stains on your faucets? This is one you should try. You would be amazed at how efficient this can be.

Paste for the tub - Cleaning Hacks - Private Property Nigeria

2. Cleaning the Tub With a Paste

Instead of wearing yourself out by scrubbing your tub detergents or liquid soap, there’s an easy way out. You can create a paste, which can be used to clean the tub. To create this paste, simply mix a teaspoonful of liquid soap, baking soda mixed with water and drops of antibacterial oils.

Silverware - Cleaning hacks - Private Property Nigeria

3. Cleaning Your Silverware

No matter how tarnished your silverware might get, you can get it clean with baking soda. Are you wondering how this can be achieved? Simply get a litre of water, a tablespoon of baking soda, one piece of aluminium foil and leave to boil. When it reaches boiling point, drop the silverware in the water for 10 seconds or longer if the silverware is really tarnished. You can take them out with kitchen tongs.

Bad smell from refrigerator - Cleaning Hacks - Private Property Nigeria

4. Take Care of Bad Smell From Refrigerator

If you’re sick and tired of the weird or awful smell that comes from your refrigerator whenever you open it, you can use newspapers to absorb the smell. Using crumpled newspaper has proven to be an efficient odour-eater. When you are done, you can choose to either throw the newspaper away or you can use it to clean the window. Don’t forget to keep those old newspapers. They will come in handy for any enclosed space with a weird or nasty smell.

Clean your iron - Cleaning Hacks - Private Property Nigeria

5. Keep Your Iron Clean

Ironing with an iron with a stained surface can be annoying; especially when someone else uses the iron. One easy way to clean the surface of your iron is to run it over a foil while it is hot. If you don’t have a foil, you can use paper covered with salt. Both will achieve the same result.

Microwave bowl - Cleaning Hacks - Private Property Nigeria

6. Cleaning the Microwave Bowl

There are cleaning hacks to get your microwave bowl really clean and quickly too. Regardless of how much stain or grease your microwave dish has, take it out, fill it with water and dishwashing liquid and place it in the microwave for one minute. Afterwards, bring it out and wipe it with a wet sponge.

Using bread to pick up broken glass

7. Smart Way to Pick Up Broken Glass

If you mistakenly drop a bottle on your floor hard enough to break it, one smart way to pick up all the pieces is by repeatedly pressing bread against the floor. The little pieces of glass will pick up the tiny pieces you might have missed while sweeping.

Burnt pan - Cleaning Hacks - Private Property Nigeria

8. Cleaning Burnt Pan

Do you find yourself struggling to clean burnt pans and pots after cooking? There’s a cleaning hack to help you take care of this. Fill the burnt pan or pot with water, pour in 2 cups of vinegar and allow it to heat up. When it gets really hot, take it off and pour in 2 tablespoons of baking soda. The final stage is to wipe with a sponge to get the stains off.

Use Coca Cola to remove oil stains of the garage floor - Private Property Nigeria

9. Getting Rid of Oil Stains on Your Garage Floor

Oil spills on your garage floor can give you a headache; especially after trying to get it off without any success. To get rid of the stain off your floor once and for all, use Coca-Cola. You might be surprised but it works.

Foggy bathroom mirror - Private Property Nigeria

10. Prevent Your Bathroom Mirror From Getting Foggy From Steam

Have you ever found yourself taking a shower yet not being able to see yourself in the mirror because it’s covered in fog from the steam? There’s a way to put an end to this and it’s quite easy – Simply cover the mirror in shaving cream then, clean it off with a newspaper. This will prevent your mirror from fogging.

Cleaning hacks - Private Property Nigeria

Final Thoughts on Cleaning Hacks

The frequency of your cleaning will largely depend on your lifestyle as well as a host of other factors. For instance, you’d be cleaning your house more if you have children than if you live alone. The important thing is to find out what works for you. For most of the things you currently have to clean, there’s a cleaning hack that would take a lot of stress off you. Check out other hacks that you would be glad you stumbled upon.

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