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A home office helps you cut down your commuting time and increases your productivity. However, this can only be achieved if you take out time to ensure your home office is designed to be functional.

Different people have different home office needs, which is why we have compiled several modern home office design ideas to inspire yours. Below are some chic ideas for your home office.

Home Office - White Walls and Distinctive Shelving - Private Property Nigeria

White Walls and Distinctive Shelving

This design gives you a lot of storage space and sufficient room to get rid of clutter. If you go for this study room design, consider going for the built-in desk. This works perfectly if you have a very narrow space to work with.

The open shelves, white walls and lighting come together to give you a home office that is cosy, functional and engenders productivity.

Industrial Home Office - Private Property Nigeria

Industrial Home Office

To nail this home office design, you need to be able to achieve an eclectic blend of retro pieces with a vintage touch. The result of this combination is a rustic charm that transforms an empty space in your home into an industrial home office.

You can start with metals and pieces of furniture made from timber. Be sure to look out for those that have an antique feel to them. Don’t be afraid to add some character to this design by going bold.

Throw in a Chalkboard - Home Office - Private Property

Throw in a Chalkboard

If you’re the kind of person who takes a lot of notes while working, why not throw a chalkboard into your home office design. The goal here is to keep it simple while creating a workspace that helps you make the most of the space and time at home.

Creative Use of Accent Colours - Home Office - Private Property

Creative Use of Accent Colours

You can bring in the ‘wow’ factor into your home office design by adding one accent colour. This works best in a set-up where you stick with a colour like white. It helps the accent colour stand out as seen with the yellow swivel chair and the yellow shelf in this office.

Overlapping Units - Home Office - Private Property

Overlapping Units

There is so much you can achieve when you allow the shelves and desk in your home office to overlap. It is a smart use of available space and if you don’t have the luxury of space.

Taming Electric Cables - Home Office - Private Property

Taming Electric Cables

We all know how much clutter electric cables can create in a typical home office. One design that helps you get rid of this is a desk with wire tidies. It is a minimalist design that ensures your PC, lamps and other devices can be plugged without untamed cables creating clutter.

Get a Large Desk - Home Office - Private Property

Get a Large Desk

How about getting a desk big enough to accommodate not just you but a colleague or friend you’re working with. Ensure the lighting is centralised as it has a profound effect on the functionality and mood in your office setup.

Go For Black and White Accessories - Home Office - Private Property

Go For Black and White Accessories

Using black and white accessories in your design helps you achieve a minimalist set-up. If you can pull this off, your home office might end up being one of the most comfortable spots in your house.

Don't Be Afraid to Break the Rules - Home Office - Private Property

Don’t Be Afraid to Break the Rules

We know that the colour white stands out as the minimalist palette of choice, there is so much you can do if you aren’t afraid to bend the rules. You can have your white and still play around with multiple colours. For instance, in this design, blue and pink have been used to achieve a visually impressive office set-up.

A Touch of Green - Home Office - Private Property

A Touch of Green

Green is known to help you stay energised and productive while working in your home office. You should consider a set-up that makes green a focal point of the design.

This doesn’t mean you should paint the entire room in green. Rather, strike a balance between green and other elements in the workspace such as the flooring and accessories.

Home office design inspiration - Private Property Nigeria

Final Thoughts on Home Office

Regardless of what you settle for, you need to focus on the end-goal, which is to have a space that is clean and conducive for uninterrupted workflow. Your office can be large or tiny depending on how much space you have in your home and how you eventually choose to design it.

Do you work at home? If you do, where do you currently get your work done? Do you have a home office? Let us know in the comment section.

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