Floor to ceiling mirrors tend to pull the eyes upwards so it gives a more spacious feeling in what could have been otherwise a claustrophobia-inducing dining area; like this design by Inside Living.



You don’t always have to use clear mirrors. Tinted mirrors are just as sleek and having it face your dining area also has the positive effect of reflecting and ‘doubling’ your food, which symbolises abundance and wealth, on your table. I-Bridge does it nicely it here in this lovely black and white home.



If you plan on putting a mirror right next to your dining table, make sure that it reflects beautiful decor or scenery outside your window, just like how 9 Creation did it with a lovely pendant light here.



How about some decorative elements for your wall mirror? Here, 3D Innovative added depth to a simple plate-glass mirror by framing it with a sleek trim.



While mirrors are generally not advised to be placed in the bedroom, the mirrors placed by The Interior Lab in this master bedroom are in a strategic position. You won’t see your reflection when you wake up, but the mirrors have the desired result of making the bedroom look more spacious.


Image – luxdesign_04-03

Aside from doubling the visual impact in your home, Lux Design proves that mirrors can also be part of a geometric play on the wall as well!



Save your white home decor from looking too surgical with a tinted mirror, like what Sky Creation has skilfully done here.



To reflect the beauty of the gorgeous chandelier hanging over the table, Design 4 Space installed a wall mirror in the dining area.



Project Guru knows the value of a well-placed mirror and its positive multiplication effects. In this particular design, the tall mirror reflects the long dining table and its food with panache.



Give your television a 3D backdrop with clear mirrors that complement the woody theme like what Ken Home Design has dressed the living room in.